For photovoltaic parks, backup systems, stabilization of self-consumption plants (wind, photovoltaic, cogeneration...).

Reliable and efficient energy storage in energy storage

Why choose SDS for your industrial battery needs?

Because we know that every kilowatt of energy stored in an industrial battery counts. Our BESS systems give you not only a reliable and secure energy source, but also the ability to optimize your energy consumption, reduce your operating costs and minimize your environmental impact. With our cutting-edge technology and customized approach, we are committed to making your transition to renewable energy efficient and economically viable.


Nuestras baterías industriales son más que simples productos; son la base para un futuro energético sostenible para tu empresa. Al elegir SDS, ganas un socio comprometido con maximizar tu eficiencia energética y apoyarte en cada paso hacia un entorno más verde y productivo.

Descubre cómo nuestras baterías industriales BESS pueden ayudarte a lograr tus metas de sostenibilidad y eficiencia. En SDS, no solo vendemos baterías industriales; forjamos el camino hacia un futuro energético más brillante y sostenible para todos.

The functionalities of a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) are varied and allow optimizing energy use, improving the reliability of the electricity supply and supporting the integration of renewable energy sources. Here I will explain some of the main functionalities:

  • Peak Shaving: Reduces energy demand during periods of maximum demand (peaks), reducing the need for energy from the most expensive generation sources and reducing electricity costs for consumers.
  • Load Shifting: Moves energy consumption from times of high demand to periods of low demand, storing energy when it is cheap and using it when it is more expensive, which helps balance supply and demand on the grid.
  • Demand response: Allows grid operators or consumers to respond to electricity price signals or load reduction requests by using stored energy instead of increasing generation.
  • Power quality management: Improves the quality of the power supplied by correcting problems such as voltage fluctuations, intermittency and harmonic distortions, which is crucial for sensitive industrial operations and overall grid reliability.
  • Capacity reserve / Frequency reserve: Provides reserve capacity to the grid to respond quickly to unforeseen changes in demand or generation, helping to maintain grid frequency and stability.
  • Integration of renewable energies: Facilitates the incorporation of intermittent renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind, by storing excess energy generated and supplying it when needed, thus maximizing its use and contributing to the reduction of dependence on fossil fuels.
  • Backup Power Supply: Provides an emergency power source in case of power outages, ensuring continuity of electrical service for critical loads or essential facilities.
  • Transmission and distribution (T&D) support: Helps relieve congestion in the transmission and distribution network, delaying or avoiding the need for costly T&D infrastructure upgrades.
  • Energy arbitrage: Involves buying energy when prices are low, storing it and then selling it when prices rise, taking advantage of price differences to make a profit.

These functionalities make the BESS a versatile and powerful tool to improve the efficiency and sustainability of the energy system.

At SDS we are committed to a sustainable and secure future, offering reliable and efficient solutions that contribute to the growth of clean energy and a more stable and resilient electricity system.

Liquid-cooled outdoor modular coils

Efficient liquid-cooled battery modules and a heat dissipation design with ultra-high energy density. Compared to containerized systems they are more flexible and their transportation and assembly are greatly simplified. The system consists of lithium iron phosphate battery modules, BMS, liquid-cooled air conditioning, fire protection system, etc.

Prefabricated energy storage systems

The prefabricated BESS is designed to meet the demands of megawatt level power production. It integrates BESS, battery management system, DC cabinet, temperature control and fire protection systems, making it compatible with the BESS inverter for various BESS application scenarios.

Containerized Energy Storage (with PCS)

Medium-sized, highly integrated systems that incorporate all the necessary equipment into a single, comprehensive BESS. It combines BESS, battery management system, BESS inverter, DC, temperature control and fire suppression systems, making it adaptable to a variety of BESS application scenarios.

Modular PCS

The 100 kW PCS modular system is a powerful bi-directional AC/DC conversion device designed for BESS.


Modular PCS

The 30 kW modular PCS system is a powerful bidirectional AC/DC conversion device designed for BESS.